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Social Studies;59;5th - Andrea Piotrowski

Due Date Assignment Description
2/28/2020 Social Studies

ongoing: Revolutionary War Timeline 

2/28/2020 Social Studies

timeline due tomorrow 

2/28/2020 Social Studies

timeline due this Friday 

2/28/2020 Social Studies

timeline due Feb. 28th!

2/13/2020 Social Studies

vocab. quiz Thursday 

2/11/2020 Social Studies

vocabulary preview if not completed in class

1/9/2020 Social Studies

test, chp. 5 lessons 1 + 4 Thursday

study guide given 

12/17/2019 Social Studies

complete Jamestown trunk if not complete 

11/12/2019 Social Studies

Quiz, Chp. 4, lesson 1

Students have notes on this section

11/12/2019 Social Studies

Postage Stamp if not complete

Quiz Chp. 4, lesson 1 notes 

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