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Science-Health;510;5th - Diane DiBenedetto

Due Date Assignment Description
9/10/2019 Lesson 2-1 Review

Finish lesson 2-1 review (USE YOUR BOOKS - this IS GRADED)

1/11/2019 Chapter 6 Test

Chapter 6 Test - Friday, January 11th

1/10/2019 6-3 Lesson Review Quiz

complete 6-3 Quiz posted on Google Classroom

12/18/2018 Water Race Lab Sheet

Finish writing your lab sheet from the "water race" experiment on Friday.

12/12/2018 Chapter 6 Lesson 1 Review

complete chapter 6 lesson review on google classroom - submit assignment when completed

11/29/2018 Lesson 5-5 Review

complete lesson 5-5 review

11/29/2018 Chapter 5 Test

Chapter 5 test will be on Friday, November 30th.  A study guide has been given so that students can prepare NOW for the test.

11/21/2018 5-4 Lesson review

complete lesson 5-4 review

10/31/2018 October Article Summary

The science/health article summary and personal response is due Wednesday, October 31st

10/25/2018 5-1 Lesson Review

complete lesson review for section 5-1

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