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Religion;510;5th - Diane DiBenedetto

Due Date Assignment Description
2/13/2020 Chapter 9 Work

Finish work from today - Chapter 9 Note Sheet and the Eucharistic Prayer Sheet

1/24/2020 chapter 7 review

complete chapter 7 review

1/15/2020 Unit 1 Test

Complete Unit 1 Test - Please use your book and notes for help if needed!

9/19/2019 Chapter 1 Quiz/Test

Finish working on your Chapter 1 Quiz/Test (USE YOUR BOOK)

12/7/2018 Peace Poem

Peace Poem based on 5 senses

11/29/2018 Chapter 5 Review

finish chapter 5 review

11/21/2018 Eucharist Study Guide Quiz

Finish the Eucharist Study Guide using your book (pgs 35-36) for help.  This is a graded assignment.

11/14/2018 Chapter 4 Review

on loose leaf - page 29 #1-7; page 32 #1-5

Write out each statement & fill in and underline the answers (this will be a graded assignment)

10/5/2018 Chapter 2 Test

There will be a test on chapter 2 on Friday, October 5th.

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