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Science-Health; 24; 2nd; Jennifer LaMarche
12/4/2020 Health & Wellness
11/13/2020 Force & Motion
10/5/2020 Properties of Matter

Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness

Test date: December 10, 2020

Words to know:

?Energy: The power the body needs to

do work, play, and study.

?Germs: Tiny things that can make a person ill.

?Meal: The food that is eaten at a certain time each day.

?Balanced diet: A meal plan with the right amounts of foods from each food group.

?Ingredients: The things a food is made from.

?“MyPlate”: A diagram that shows the food groups that belong to and how much food from each group to eat à grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy

Remember what we did in class?

-MyPlate food sort

-Analyzing food advertisements

-Story “Caring for Your Body”

- The Monster Health Book

-“How Much Sleep?” graph

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