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Science-Health; 24; 2nd; Jennifer LaMarche
4/21/2022 Weather & Seasons
1/20/2022 Dental Health
11/12/2021 Health & Wellness
10/27/2021 Force & Motion
9/10/2021 Properties of Matter

Weather & Seasons


Test date: May 3, 2022        


Words to know:

?water cycle: The movement of water from Earth to air and back to Earth.

?evaporate: To change from a liquid to a gas.

?condense: To change from a gas to a liquid.

?migrate: To move from one place to another in a regular pattern.

?hibernate: To spend all winter sleeping or resting.

?lightning: A flash of electricity in the sky.

?tornado: Very strong wind that comes down from the clouds in the shape of a funnel.

?hurricane: A storm that starts over warm ocean waters that has hard rain and very strong winds.


Remember what we did in class?

-Recorded and compared weather data

-Observed our own “water cycle” experiments in class

-Read Weather Words and What They Mean

-Discussed the four seasons and their characteristics

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