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The STREAM program at St. James uses a cross-curricular approach to explore the disciplines of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math. Through a variety of projects and activities students are challenged to be innovative and creative while solving real-world problems. Students are guided through projects using the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process which allow them to logically question, brainstorm and test solutions for each challenge. Working in small groups, students gain experience in collaboration, communication and cooperation. They are also introduced to cutting-edge technologies and skills essential for careers of the future.

STREAM projects incorporate several disciplines simultaneously. For example, students might use:

  • CAD and 3D printing to design tessellations to create artwork (technology, math, art)

  • physical science concepts to design turbines, boats and bridges (science, engineering)

  • graphic design to create inspirational prayer cards (technology, religion)

  • coding robots to solve math problems (technology, math)

  • concepts of electricity and circuitry to design flashlights (science, engineering)

  • graphing apps to plot linear equations to design stained glass windows like those at St. James Church (technology, math, religion, art)

  • 3D printing, math and marketing skills to create and promote innovative products (technology, math, art)

Students in Grades 6-8 attend STREAM class weekly. Over the course of their three years in Middle School, students will progressively develop skills in a wide-range of areas including coding, computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing, web page and app design, communication and collaboration.

For students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 STREAM is an integral part of the learning process. Teachers regularly use STREAM curriculum connections in the classrooms and all K-5 students attend a dedicated STREAM class weekly. STREAM activities allow students to further explore math and science concepts they are learning in the classroom while also introducing them to problem solving strategies and new technologies.

In addition to STREAM classes, students in Grades 1-4 can attend monthly sessions of our after-school STEM club. During STEM club students can tinker with MakerSpace, build structures for engineering challenges, and code with  a vareity of coding robots.