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Algebra I and 7th grade math (Pre-Algebra)


If you are looking for homework information, please check Google Classroom


We are solving Reviewing Algebra Basics (Unit A) in Algebra I

   Within this unit, students will:

               Identify number sets

               Identify properties of addition and multiplication

               Apply order of operation to simplify expressions 

               Substitute a value for a variable, to evaluate an expression

               Apply the distributive property and combine like terms

               Translate sentences into algebraic expression, equations & inequalities

     Coming soon...

               Solving one-variable equations using one-step or multiple steps

               Identifying special solutions to equations (no solution or infinitely many solutions)


We are exploring Integers & Rational Numbers (Units 1 & 2) in Pre-Algebra

   Within unit 1, students will:

               Apply absolute value to positive and negative integers

               Add & subtract positive and negative integers

               Multiply & divide positive and negative integers


   Within unit 2, students will:

               Identify number sets, with a focus on rational numbers

               Compare & order rational numbers

               Convert fractions to decimals, and decimals to fractions

               Add & subtract rational numbers

               Multiply & divide rational numbers


* Please see Google Classroom for extra help hours and grading policies.