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Welcome to Pre-K!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break and is ready for some fun in the snow! We will be starting January off learning about our new season of Winter. We will read winter and snow themed books as well as talk about what some animals do during this time. We have "Winter Words" and letter tracing cards at the writing center. In the blocks center students can build igloos, sleds, mountains, etc. using our winter themed "I can build..." cards. The math center is home to our Snowman Shape matching game and students can count how many "marshmallows" are in a mug of hot cocoa. Our sensory table is filled with "snow" and polar animals, and students will paint penguins and snowflakes in the art center. If and when we get some real snow, we will display it in the science center and learn about melting and freezing.

We'll round out our month with a unit on Transportation. Students will explore how people get from place to place. They will make and use different types of ramps and see what things will slide or roll. Our blocks center will have the additions of different types of vehicles and students will get a chance to make tracks with those vehicles using paint. We will make name trains and sponge paint with vehicle shaped sponges.

Happy Winter!