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March 2019

Earth Science  will study the composition of the Erosion and Deposition. 

Life Science will be learning about Body Systems & participating in the State Science Fair.

Physical Science  will learning about the Sound

There will be Middle School Extra Credit offered each term
Find a three min. video or a article on any subject in science. 
If it is a video, write the link on a piece of loose-leaf paper with your name,
date and class.  If it is an article,  highlight the key points and
                      present it to the class. No written report is needed. 
The purpose is to explore new things, and to enlighten all the students
                                                   on a new science topic.

                                    Science Study Groups

 I am here to provide tutoring in science during a lunch study group or assist before/after school. Please ask let me know if you need help.