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Dates to Remember:

March 11th - Conferences 

March 12th - Conferences

March 13th - No School 

March 17th - Scholastic Book Orders Due

March 31st - Half Day


*Please be sure your child is practicing his/her math facts regularly!

*Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns!

*Please remind your child to be extra conscious of hand washing.

*See below for more class information.

Math - Students are doing an amazing job learning about and understanding fractions. Any reinforcement at home is appreciated. We are also reviewing previously learned skills, such as addition and subtraction with regrouping, rounding, estimating etc. Again, any support you offer is wonderful.

Reading - We will begin our fifth unit in our reading book this month! It is amazing how fast the year is flying. Please continue to support your child with his/her weekly vocabulary words, having them read nightly, and asking them questions about what they've read on occasion. This will encourage good comprehension.

Spelling - Consistent practice with spelling is imperative to becoming a good speller. I appreciate your help in having your child regularly study his/her words each week.

Social Studies - We are learning about Native Americans. So far, we have learned about the "Land Bridge Theory" and are learning our cardinal and ordinal directions. In the weeks to come we will be investigating the cultures of several tribes of Native Americans. This will be done primarily in school but students will need support when they begin studying for their test. I will keep your child informed of any upcoming tests or quizzes.

Religion - Students have followed the death and resurrection of Jesus in our religion book. We've discussed Lent and the idea of "Fast, Pray, Give."Students have been given numerous opportunities to participate. Please see daily emails if you are unsure how you might help. We also have a prayer table in which students may write down a person or group of people we can pray for. Coming soon we will make Resurrection Eggs! Details to follow in the coming week.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concern at any time.


Patty Moran