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Parent Conferences: Wednesday, October 20th (1/2 Day)

                                  Thursday, October 21st  (1/2 Day)




Math: Students will finish up  Chapter 2 on estimating and adding. It is very important that your child can add simple sums in order to continue building on our math concepts. In Chapter 3, we move into subtraction with regrouping.


Reading: Students have completed their first unit of reading and have moved onto the second unit. For weekly updates please refer to the "Family News" sheet (sent home each week) to know what skills we are working on. Daily reading is the most important thing you can have your child do. Feel free to read to your child, share reading, or just listen to your child read. Hopefully, your child enjoys reading for the pure pleasure of it. If not, be sure he or she is given the opportunity to choose books he or she loves.


Religion: By the end of the month, students will take a unit test on the first four chapters of their book. In addition to book work, the students pray the rosary each month, attend virtual mass, and have learned about how we can become closer to Jesus through Mary. In addition, our Friendzy program has kicked off and our first chapter is all about being "Better Together." We are exploring how we are designed by God to be social beings and how together we accomplish more. Stay tuned for some Oobleck fun!


Social Studies: Students will begin learning about town, state, and national leaders. They'll be required to know who their leader is at all three levels of government, as well as what each job entails. 


Science: Students completed a short unit on magnets and will now begin to work on "Force and Motion." We will be reviewing vocabulary, doing some hands on activities, and completing a “Force and Motion” booklet.


     It has been delightful getting to know your student. All have settled into third grade having learned routines and expectations. Students are growing and taking on more responsibilities. They've done a super job thus far! Thank you for entrusting your child to Saint James School and me.


If, at any time you have questions or concerns please feel free to reach out by calling the office or emailing me at-



Patty Moran